Our Intensive Courses

1st Gear Intensive Driving Courses offer a range of courses to suit complete beginners to those who just need to practice specific skills. Below we have given brief details about who each course is targeted towards. However your instructor will tailor your course specifically for your strengths and weaknesses and so no two courses will ever be the same. We recommend having an Assessment Lesson to help you and your instructor decide exactly how long a course you will need to help you pass.

We provide manual and automatic courses, just let us know what you are interested in when contacting us.

10 hour driving course



A ten hour course is perfect for anyone who needs only few hours of practice to brush up on their skills before the test. This course is usually spread over 2-3 days.


15 hour driving course



This is suitable for you if you’ve recently taken your test and you need some extra guidance to get your confidence flowing to pass your next test. This course is usually spread over 3-4 days.


20 hour driving course



This is great for anyone who knows how to drive and has all the basics like roundabouts etc. and has done some manoeuvres. This course is usually spread over 4-5 days.


25 hour driving course



This course is suitable for a pupil with basic driving experience, who is fairly confident controlling the car. This course is usually spread over 5-6 days.


30 hour driving course



As a 30 hour course candidate, you will have very little driving experience but you’re confident that you can learn what you need to within 6-7 days.


35 hour driving course



This 7-8 day course is best for pupils that have minimal control of the car; for example starting, moving, and stopping – but not much more. And are fairly nervous.


40 hour driving course



This is the complete beginner course – ideal for anyone who has very little or no driving experience. This course is usually spread over 8-10 days and is for someone who feels they need more time to learn.



The above are our standard courses if you have any requirements that our different to the above then contact us direct or have an assessment lesson to see if an intensive will suit you if you are unsure.

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