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Alison help me pass my 2nd test, she is a fantastic teacher and manages to keep her cool in the most stressful situations! Would recommend her to anyone
Alison was amazing and helped me to pass my test first time! I'm so happy to have my test done and out of the way as driving doesn't come naturally to me at all! Can't thank her enough for all the support and for getting me that pass.
Sophie Braker
I suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a nasty car accident when I was younger and it took me 6 years to even be able to have a driving lesson, Alison was my first instructor and saw me through to the end, she was so patient and kind, she tolerated me crying and refusing do stuff because of my fear. She really does have the patience of a saint! Thank you so much Alison!
Alison was an absolute godsend!! Had such a good time learning with her, she puts you at ease and makes you feel like you're driving with a friend rather than with a professional teacher. Will forever be grateful to her for getting me to pass my driving test. I will always drive off "when I am ready" Thank you so much!!
I don't think I would have passed without Alison, I believe she is fantastic at what she does and calms your nerves aswell as be friendly but assertive and really isa credit too her profession, long time coming at 35 but Alison made this happen thank you
Danny Gregory
Past my test with Alison and got no minors! She made something very daunting into a positive experience. In my lessons I felt relaxed and confident.
Rosie Bright
After my assessment lesson with Alison I didn't believe her when she said she'd have me through my test on a 15 hour course. With her help I managed a first time pass with no minors. Thankyou!
I passed my driving practical first time today! Really chuffed and I couldn't of had a better Instructer! Dave made it really easy for me.
Harrison Gordon
Passed my practical test 1st today with only minors thanks to Paul! Couldn't thank him enough for his help, great instructor!
After a lot of bad luck with other instructors I have finally passed thanks to David, I would definitely recommend using him.
Joe Sanders
I had Paul for my intensive course, brilliant instructor, very patient and understanding. I passed with no minors!! Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about it.
A massive thank you to Dave! I passed my practical driving today with 2 minors. I'm incredibly pleased and so grateful for Dave's patience and encouragement. I would 100% recommend to anyone! Thank you!
Fantastic, Dave taught both my girls and both passed 1st time, both had the intensive courses and were out driving one month after their 17th birthday. No more taxi driving for me 🙂 i owe you one Dave.....
Tracy Gosling
Today I passed my practical driving test first time with Andy! I would highly recommend using him again and will be passing on the details of this service to my friends looking to pass! So happy! Thank you Andy!! Xx
Safe to say I was a definite challenge for Paul, but he never gave up teaching and he got me to pass it took a lot out of him but he did it I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to learn because he doesn't miss anything and you get everything and more from learning from Paul Thank you again Paul
Matt Tucker
Passed first time with Paul, he's a great driving instructor. Anyone who's looking to do an intensive driving course I would recommend 1st Gear Intensive Courses.
Harvey Miles
Definitely go with Dave, he's calm, patient, and a great teacher. I didn't think 28 hours would be enough for me at start, but in the end, passed with no minors, even with my least favourite manoeuvre. I'll give it 11/10.
Less than a month ago I didn't even know how to start a car, now here I am having passed the second time with 3 minors! Paul was a brilliant teacher who had the perfect balance of being stern when I wasn't improving and also making the course enjoyable. Would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in passing quickly with a brilliant teacher!
Thomas Williams
Just passed after a 14hr course with paul. Very professional, very patient, and very helpful. I would definatley reccomend him. Thank you paul
Oliver Bournes
Had a 20 hour intensive course with Dave following months of 1 hour lessons. Passed first time at the end of it! Dave was a great instructor, patient and very helpful with me. I can highly recommend to anyone!
I had the 5 day intensive course throughout the week with Paul, I passed first time with only 4 minors. He was a great instructor highly recommend him to anyone wanting too pass quickly. Thanks again Paul
Jack Steventon
I had a 3 day course with Dave and he was great! I passed first time with no minors!! He was such a good instructor and would recommend to everyone! Thanks Dave!!
I had the 12 hour course over 3 days, and to be honest, I was worried that I wouldn’t pass before I did the course with Dave. But he was a very good instructor and patient, and I passed first time with 2 minors! Would recommend the course to everybody!
Jack Barnes
I passed my test with Andy yesterday, and can happily say, that out of several instructors, Andy was the best. Always calm, kind and friendly. It’s been a pleasure Andy!
Passed first time in only 5 days with Paul. Brilliant teacher and great fun as well as learning so much. I urge anyone who wants to pass quickly to use them. Thanks again
I passed first time with Paul. Great instructor, very clear and helpful and gets you going pretty quick too. Thanks Paul
Did a weeks course with paul and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and man. Had great fun, and passed first time, highly recommend. Cheers Paul 🙂
Passed my driving test 1st time last Thursday 7th May after intensive course with Andy. He has been a Brilliant Instructor. Took me only 5 days and smashed my Practical Test with only 3 minors. Would reccomend to anyone! Very frieny and makes you feel comfortable being on the road for the first time. Just finished my Pass Plus tonight. Had a nice drive to Dover and outskirts of london. Many thank you’s. HERE I GO!
Jack Waller
I did the 7 day course with Dave. I started as a complete beginner and on the last day I ended up with a driving licence! I passed first time in Gillingham and only got one minor fault. Thanks Dave I couldn’t have done it without you! I highly recommend these guys, they really know what they are doing..specially thanks to you Dave
Ned Flaherty
Had a great week with Paul, very good driving instructor and I highly recommend him and this course.
Paul was the best driving instructor I’ve had, very patient and easy to talk to. I learnt more in 5 days than I did in weeks of hourly lessons. Thank you so much for all your help, I’ll be sending business your way as much as possible!
A huge thank you to Andy for helping me pass first time! A brilliant instructor, I would definitely recommend! Thanks again!
I had Dave as my instructor and he was so much better than my old one. He didn’t get stressed at all and was so easy to get along with, shame not all instructors can be so relaxed. I passed first time in Sevenoaks on Friday and would recommend Dave to anyone – if you want to pass and quick these are the guys you want
Ciaran Ducey
Wow I passed first time with Dave on Wednesday in Herne Bay…First time thanks to Dave and all those practise sessions around Herne Bays tricky streets Thanks Dave – couldn’t have done it without you!! Highly recommended…
Dan Morgan
Andy is an excellent instructor. He makes everything simple and easy to understand. I passed first time!! The course was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend!!!
Andy is a god ✌️ he passed me first time, easy to talk to and get on with, easy to understand what he is teaching you and very flexible with times and where to meet
James E
Passed first time with Andy. By far the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. Amazingly skilled, I wouldn’t recommend anyone but him. Truly passionate about his job.
Mark Royden
Well thanks Dave I originally wanted a 3 day course, and when I wanted to do an extra day you managed to fit me in by working your Saturday for me I passed 1st time without a single minor fault. A completely clean sheet in Gillingham…just like my girlfriend! Thanks again Dave
Tom Harvey
After having my baby boy, I realised how essential having a driving license would be, to get around. I never really wanted to learn prior to now, so I literally had to start with the very basics. I didn’t even know how to turn on the ignition! Andy is amazing: he is so patient, polite, professional, caring. Did I mention patient? I am up to date his toughest student so far, I am certain of it!! But he didn’t give up and kept positive even when I didnt. I passed my test today after a couple of…
I had Paul as my instructor and he is the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. I did 20 hours over 5 days (Monday-test on Friday morning) and I passed with only 4 minors. I never believed I could ever pass this highly challenging test and Paul built up my confidence and really assisted me with every maneuver and safest and correct way to drive to pass me my driving test on Friday morning. I would recommend anyone to go with this driving school and also to mention that the pass rate of people…
I had Andy as an instructor and he was fantastic, he was very accommodating to my awkward location in Deal and my work location, nether the less he made it work fetching me from work driving and finishing at home. Very flexible and always kept in touch – the teaching of the driving was fantastic, clear and beneficial – after 20 hours with Andy I passed first time! I had only ever known diesel and he made the switch to petrol car very easy – thanks again Andy cannot recommend enough!!
I had Andy as my instructor and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. It only took Andy 20 hours for him to teach me to drive and pass me first time!!! He is also very easy to get alone with and become a friend as well as an instructor. I would recommend him to any one! Once again thanks andy!:)
I had Paul as my instructor as he was recommended to me by a friend, I done the 20hr intensive course over 4days and passed 1st time!!! Paul was a great instructor made me feel very comfortable in the car and helped grow my confidence would recommend him to anyone!!!! Thanks Paul for getting me on the road in 4days 🙂
Had Andy as my instructor had a 20 hour Corse then another 6 hours passed 2nd time absolutely fantastic instructor , very nice guy and easy to get along with , Andy made it so I understood what the car was doing when I was Pressing on the clutch ect which made it so much easier to learn , had a laugh and Andy helped me pass one of my main goals in life think it would have taken so much longer with any other instructor a very big Thankyou andy xx
Had paul as my instructor and i highly recommend him made things really easy.Thx again paul
James wells
I strongly recommend Andy he’s brilliant. So much better than the last 2 instructors I had. Comfortable guy to be around. Thanks Andy for all your patients best thing I ever done your a legend
Marie cullen
I didnt think learning to drive could be made an enjoyable and fun experience, but I loved my lessons and always felt so comfortable. Not only that, but I passed my test with only 1 minor! Thanks so much Paul 🙂
Jace Simpson
Having read all the testimonials on here, I thought that it sounded too good to be true, but I took an assessment lesson and Paul told me that I’d need fewer lessons than I’d expected. The lessons were a pleasure, and from very little previous driving experience, Paul got me driving in 20hrs and I passed first time with two minors. Thoroughly recommend the school, thanks Paul!
Had Paul as my instructor, absolutely brilliant teaching and made lessons fun! Would thoroughly recommend this driving school, passed my test with only 1 minor. Many thanks Paul!
Andrew Gant
Thank you so much for andy teaching me how to drive not only did he teach me he made me feel comfortable and calm. I passed first time with one minor also he got my sister to pass first time as well. So anyone looking to drive I strangely recommend andy.
Patrick oneill
I've had such a fantastic time learning with Andy! So relaxed, patient and his techniques are fantastic! Made me feel so comfortable and confident! I passed 1st time with 3 minors! Anyone learning to drive i highly recommend this school and andy to anyone!
Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Andy so much for all your help! Passed first time and couldn’t be happier with the teaching. Anyone wanting to learn to drive should use this school. 🙂
Bethan Hanna
Don’t normally post things like this but felt i had too this time. I cannot recommend this school enough. I had Paul as my instructor and he was excellent. Please have a assessment lesson first and they will tell you the best course for you. They make you feel at ease and you can have a laugh as well which is rare with an instructor but this added to the quality of Paul’s teaching which i have to say was exceptional. I highly recommend this school to anyone and trust me it will be the best call…
Mark Hegarty
just wanted to say thanks to Andy for getting me passed. Really enjoyed learning from him and wish him all the best. recommend Andy to anyone who wants to learn to drive and have a good time doing it. Thanks again mate
Dave – sorry I didn’t want my photo taken. But I must say thanks for everything, couldn’t have done it without you! That’s me and Jo both got our licences through you Cheers Dave
Melanie Dawson
Had a 3 day intensive course with Paul which was great value for money as he was very thorough and patient. I passed my test first time with only 4minors. Would recommend this course to anyone. Thanks Paul for the hard work I’m so glad it paid off.
Been holding off learning to drive for along long time and finally booked a course with Andy. Thanks massively to Andy for getting me through my test 1st time with just 3 faults. Was a real pleasure learning with you, hope all following students enjoy as much as i have. Thanks again 🙂
Mark E
Wow I passed first time with Dave with just 5 minor faults! Thanks Dave this was definitely worth coming back from France for! Thanks , Pippa
I did a ten hour course with Dave and he was very helpful, calming and patient. I already had a license from another country but had to take a British license. Dave helped me get rid of some bad driving habits and prepared me for the test. And we always had a good chat while in the car so that made me feel at ease. I have passed my test and recommending Dave to friends when they mention driving lessons. Thank you very much, Samuel
Samuel Lungu
I am a 31 year old mother and driving had always been a bit of an insurmountable mountain for me, having had lessons both at age 17 and 25, but I decided to just go for it and I took a 3 day intensive driving course with Dave in November 2013. I was nervous but Dave was brilliant and I passed my test first time! I would recommend to anybody, thanks Dave! Josie
I had never seen myself as a driver and, if anything, was desperate to get it out of the way asap. I had a few lessons with Paul as soon as I hit 17 as he had also successfully taught my sister. I did a five day intensive over the Christmas holidays , which was so tiring but so beneficial as you don’t have the time to forget your mistakes. I didn’t feel there was any pressure to pass first time at all, and I realise what a good learning experience I’ve had compared to my friends that are with…
Kerry B
I had a 3 day intensive course with Andy after having lessons previously. Passed first time with his help, would recommend to anybody!
Just a big thank you to Paul for all his patience and hard work whilst I was doing my course. 1st time pass. Although I had done a test years ago. This was a new experience doing it as a course much more productive. Thanks again highly recommended.
Lisa Smith
Thanks Dave, you got me through my test no problem after I had previously failed with other instructors. Definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to pass fast Cheers Dave
Reece Luckie
We both took driving test with Paul and learned a lot. He teaches us to be a good driver and we passed the test first time with him. Very good and clear instructions. We would recommend them to everyone who wants to be a great driver. Denis after 3 months of passing driving test drove to Paris and back with confidence. Thanks to Paul. He is a great instructor. Highly recommend to you. Thank you so much.
Lidia & Denis
Thanks Dave for all your hard work only 4minors and a first time pass. Cheers mate. Oli
After struggling to get on with not one but THREE time wasting instructors I finally found someone who cared enough to help me to pass. Thanks so much to Andy – your patience is immense and your methods for doing manoeuvres are wicked! Will recommend you to everyone I know!
Had a three day course with Andy after previous weekly driving lessons that were dragging on, I wanted to pass as soon as possible. I passed first time with no minors, thanks for your help.
Callum Thornton
I had a 5 day intensive corse with Paul after 3years of no lessons iv learnt soo much from paul i never thought i could pass with all my bad habits from my previous instructor but paul being as experienced as he is he got me completly out of them and made me a great driver i would never of done it with out him especially in 5 days paul has an excellent personality , is very patient & doesnt waist any time 100% concentrates on you passing. trust my word look no further you wont find a better instructor.…
Jay lennon x
I recently had a 5 day intensive course with Paul, which I would now highly recommend. I hated driving and have tried to learn a few times in the past but this has always ended with some excuse or another. The intensive course meant I was thrown into driving at the deep end but with Paul’s patience and reassurance I went from a nervous wreck to almost enjoying driving in just 5 days. Many people have said they never thought they’d see me driving so I really can’t thank Paul enough!
Laura Farrant
The intensive course that I took with 1st gear was fantastic. I learnt more in a week than I previously did in 3 months with a different driving school. I had my test this morning after 20 hours worth of lessons and passed with no minors at all. I am so happy and can not thank Paul and 1st gear enough. I highly recommend choosing this driving school to get you through your test! There’s not even any point in looking at other driving instructors because you absolutely won’t find another one that…
Lizi Aubrey
Absolutely fantastic driving school! Very competively priced, built my confidence up from nervous wreck to pass in 2 days!! Highly recommend, intensive driving courses are the way forward, particularly if you feel nervous about your test. Massive thank you to Dave Knowles!!
Victoria Farrant
I had driven on the provisional for a little while, then i had a week with Dave and passed 1st time just as my brother did on his intensive with him. Absolutely brilliant! Calm, cool and collected even in difficult circumstances, Cheers Dave!
Jim Spencer
I completed a 25 hour course with Paul and passed 1st time with 4 minors. I went into the course with no experience in driving what so ever and Paul was very considerate and patient. He is a great instructor and a lovely man, I wish him all the best and am so grateful for the time and effort he put into helping me pass. Thanks again Paul!
I took a 5 day (20 hour) course after taking about 40 hrs of lessons about 5 years ago, and passed first time with just 2 minors! Paul was amazing, so relaxed and friendly and just made the whole thing an enjoyable experience. I was really nervous at the beginning of the week and honestly didn’t believe there was any chance of me passing, but Pauls careful and reassuring instructions meant that I went into the test calm(well, in a way!) and confident and came out with a great result! I cannot thank…
Thank you so much for the course, David in particular was a great instructor, truly brilliant. Price paid was great for the tuition given, definitely worth recommending to other learning or up and coming learner drivers. Great, Thank you so much.
Adam Scriven
I did a 7 day intensive course with Paul and passed first time with just 2 minors! He was never late, early if anything and was very understanding and reassuring, especially as I lack a lot of confidence! 4 hours behind the wheel every day for a week seems like a lot but with Paul’s sense of humour and friendliness the time flies by and learning to drive is very enjoyable! I will definitely recommend 1st gear to all my friends and family! A really great driving school! Thanks again Paul for all…
Blaine Miles
I did a 3 day intensive course after learning on and off for 2 years. I hadn’t driven for nearly a year but with Paul’s help I passed first time! Would highly recommend! Thank you Shana
I came to 1st gear driving after be messed around by previous driving instructors but sean was an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am such a difficult and anxious learner but he calmed me and got me through it first time with only 2 minors ur be mad not to go with this man. Thanks very much for all ur hard work sean. Will be passing ur number on. 🙂
I did well and passed first time. Dave was a really good instructor who explained everything to me. He never had a go at me when I made mistakes and I found that very helpful. Thanks Dave!
Phoebe Cantlon
Massive thanks to Paul who was so patient and taught me well. I took a 28 hour course having never driven before and passed first time. Would recommend to anybody! Thanks again Paul 🙂
Lucy Wood
I did a 3 day intensive course with Sean after failing first time. This 3 day course taught me easier ways to do manoeuvres! Highly recommend this service, thanks for all your help! Will be recommending you guys to all my family and friends! 🙂
Priya Whaid
I highly recommend Dave for his intensive driving course. It was a quick and easy route to success that ends up costing less in the long run! I felt I was a competent driver in hours instead of weeks Thanks, Dave
Chris Budden
I had a 3 day intensive course with Dave after failing 3 years ago and I just passed first time with him! He was brilliant and taught me simple ways to do everything! Thank you so much! Definitely do an intensive course with them if you’re a bag of nerves when it comes to your test he kept me so calm!
Jasmin Chudasama
I had a 5 day course with Paul after failing a fantastic 6 times before that and I passed with 1 minor! 😀 He is funny and relaxed and has my sense of humor so we got on well. In the end I had a great week and he made sure that I knew every inch of Maidstone! I would and have recommended him to friends. Thank you
Seb Baker
Passed my test this morning, massive thank you to Andy who I couldn’t have done it without! Thank you for being so supportive! Will recommend you to everyone looking to take their test in the near future!
Grace Biles
I did an intensive course with Paul mckenzie after failing two tests and not driving for 9 months he made me feel so comfortable and confident and was very thorough 🙂 with all my other instructors I just felt like they wanted to gt the hour over with and that they wasn’t really interested in me passing Paul would constantly tell me how good I was and to stop putting myself down and he gave me his full attention and put his trust and faith in me! I’m happy to say I passed my test and with only…
Faye hnatiuk
I’ve literally just passed first time with only three minors! I had Paul as a driving instructor on an intensive course for five days and he was amazing! The best instructor I’ve had by far and a really nice guy too! Thank you so much Paul, I highly recommend you to all!
Jessica Pike
I did the 5 day course with paul and it was the best thing i have ever done. I recommend it to all my friends! Passed first time with only 1 minor! Thanks again Paul
Jack Nutley
Thanks to Andy I passed 1st time. Absolutely amazing guy, I highly recommend him!!!
kadie Cox
Thankyou Paul! Great instructor, didnt think in 20 hours i could pass 1st time. Good laugh, top bloke! Thanks again Paul. Legend!!!!!
John Coombs
When I started my course I just never thought I’d be good enough to take my test at the end. But I passed- first time with just 5 minors! Thanks dave
Joe Bruty
Am still so thrilled at passing my test last week, all thanks to Paul! He was great, very patient and helped build up my confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I wasn’t sure I could pass but Paul had every faith in me and it paid off – I only got 4 minors in the test. Thanks Paul.
I have just passed my test & I am so happy!!! Paul was a very kind & patient instructor who really went out of his way to help me & I couldn’t have got through it without him. I can ‘t recommend First Gear enough, I am going to tell all my friends as I think this is such a good way to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Paul
Katie Baldock
I did a 3 day driving course. It gave me such good confidence with driving. Didnt think i would ever pass. Excellent teacher. Thanks dave!!!
Kerry milsom
I did a 7 day intensive driving course with Paul, by far the best instructor you could ever wish for. I’m so hard to teach with the memory of a fish & after taking lessons before with a previous driving school I never thought I’d be able to drive. However Paul’s patients of a saint and faultless teaching experience made me love driving. I passed second time and am over the moon. This is by far the best driving school and would highly recommend you to anybody looking for an enjoyable driving…
Demi H
Yes it was really good. I just never believed In 5 days I’d be able to get my driving to be good enough for a driving test! But I’ve just passed With only 5 minors!! Thanks Dave
Jo Little
I had Paul as my driving Instructor and he was amazing ! He helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel, helped me on the areas I could not do and helped me pass my test!! Thanks Paul!
Lydia M
Paul is a great instructor and i’d recommend him to anyone. Patient, knowledgeable and thorough. He makes you feel comfortable in the car and gives you the confidence you need to go on and pass your test. Thanks Paul.
Lee F
I had a 5 day intensive driving course with dave, passed first time. Excellent teacher. Thanks dave!!!!
Brooke dyer
What a fantastic instructor I found in Paul!! Given that I had only had a couple of lessons in my life and I’m now 32 I thought I had no chance of ever passing, but I did! First time and only with 4 minors!! I was sceptical that someone could teach me everything I needed to know in only 7 days but with Paul’s patience, friendliness & sense of humour 🙂 it was the best thing I could have ever done and he was the best instructor I could have had! I was actually sad that I passed and I wouldn’t…
Abi coulson
3 days ago I failed my mock test with 12 majors – today I just passed with 5 minors! Thanks to Dave! That’s the best £326 I’ve ever spent! Well me / Dad. Lol
Grace Kismorbo
I had a 7 day course with Paul, and I passed first time! He was a great teacher, extremely patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend- the lessons are long, but worth it!
After failing my first test, I had no faith in driving. Although I put my faith in to Paul and passed second time! I was very pleased with the intensive course and would definitely recommend this service to anyone interested 🙂
Ade Adeniyi
took a 5day intensive course with Paul and passed 1st time 😀 ive had instructors before with other companies but this was by far the best… Paul does his very best to make sure you clearly understand everything. Very very happy!!!! thank you oh and only got 1 minor… just goes to show, he taught me very well!
Frances Havard
Did intensive course with Paul and passed second time. Very tolerant and good instructor. Would definitely recommend! Paul’s a really nice guy and helped me to progress fast and pass 🙂 x
Hector Meyer
Great thanks for getting me past Dave. Couldn’t of done it without you !!! Cheers Joe
Joe Lamb
What a great few days test on last day all done and dusted ! First time pass ! Thanks for all your help. Oliver
Oliver S
Thanks to Andy Holt i PASSED 1ST TIME! I am a very hard to teach so i would recommend him to anyone! I enjoyed learning how to drive on this cource all my friends are now asking about it so Andy you may be a very busy man after xmas! Good luck for all your other learners. Thanks for everything x
Brogan Jade O'Neill
Just wanted to say thanks Dave couldn't of got my pass with out your help. Thanks again Simon barker
Simon Barker
I had a 5 day course with Paul and I have to say he is by far the best driving instructor I have ever been with passed 2nd time with only 1 minor. I can not express my gratitude enough Paul you were absolutely fantastic and so patient too. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family and once again from the bottom of my heart a big thank you!
Karl Brixey
I did an intensive course with Paul after failing an exam over a year ago. I have not driven since then and had no practice. My previous lessons were with red. Paul is relaxed, calm and clear and after 22 years its easy to say he knows what he is doing. It really is one to one and he focuses on you 100% and if you trust in his methods you will do great on all aspects. Thanks to Paul I passed my test with one minor and I cannot tell you how valuable the lessons were and will be in the years to come…
Dani Zakarya